Emilie is THE BEST I have been searching for the right teacher since the group I had been in for 10 years disbanded. Emilie has it All. She is extremely knowledgeable, careful and quickly learns each students' body's strengths and weaknesses. She demonstrates and explains the moves and makes adjustments to each student as needed. Emilie also shows alternate ways of performing a movement or adapts a movement She is very warm and welcoming and takes time after class to answer questions, concerns. She also works with a physical therapist and seems to be constantly studying the body and new ideas, movements. She truly is the BEST! 

Alice F

5 stars! An exceptional teacher! I had never done Pilates before working with Emilie though I had done some yoga. When I started working with her, I had a shoulder injuring that I was recovering from. Her private and group classes (private pilates, pilates mat classes and therapeutic yoga) have all been fantastic. The work we do is interesting, challenging, and very carefully taught. I have never before worked with a teacher who is as knowledgeable about the body and as able to describe exactly what part of the body is affected (or challenged) by which stretch or movement. She has been an inspiration to me.

Laurence G

Wow! Absolutely no tightness in the usual places waking up Emilie - thank you for class / seriously!!

Cathy S

Hi Emilie,  I loved working with you today--it was fantastic; you taught me so much in one hour. My Pilates class with you was really superb! Thank you so much. 


I love and appreciate the attention Emilie Mikulla gives to her students in her Vinyasa Alignment class! She is clearly trained in yoga therapeutics and will work with you to support healing of any injuries or other goals that you may have. I couldn't recommend her more highly. 

Zoe B

If I could give Emilie a million stars I would. She is an incredible teacher and I am not joking, she has completely changed my life. I have a herniated disc in my lower back and Emilie has worked with me to help manage my pain, make me stronger, and reduce my pain overall. In the midst of all of the specialists and medical interventions, Emilie has been the only person who has been able to help make a lasting effect on my back pain. She is a lifesaver and I feel lucky I get to work with her once a week.