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We love all movement and mindfulness practices. Weve combined them to help ourselves breathe, move and live with more awareness every day. We also know about pain and recovery. Weve been through injuries, surgeries and setbacks, but also successes that motivate us to keep doing what were doing and to never stop moving.

 Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, a desk jockey or anyone in between, The Mindful Body designs tailor made solutions using the latest research and therapeutic approaches so you can get out of your discomfort and pain cycle and enjoy the activities you love for a lifetime.

 We listen, evaluate and develop programs and events that suit your needs. Whether at home, the office or a studio, we provide practical, safe and immediately applicable tools that will empower you to take your health into your own hands.


Navigate the chaos to find peace with yourself and with others


We cannot control every situation, only our reaction to it


Find your center, be steady


Shift your body and mind, discover who you are


Our students say…

Becky is an excellent and passionate Yoga teacher. We started couples lessons to improve and maintain our flexibility. Becky always finds the right balance and intensity of yoga exercises and relaxation. She constantly considers individual ability and adjusts the sessions to improve each individual capabilities. We are always looking forward to her classes ! Great attitude and spirit. Thank you Becky!

Tanja & Goeran

I was introduced to yoga approximately 2 years ago and subsequently started attending Becky's classes. Becky is a fantastic instructor! Her clear and precise instructions always allow for a safe practise, with options provided for all levels of experience. Attending one of Becky's classes is challenging, motivating and energising. Having recently introduced my husband to yoga, I am delighted to see that he is enjoying Becky's classes as much as I do. Namaste 

Gillian Wilson

My husband Jerry and I both have stressful jobs and work long sedentary hours. We were looking for a yoga teacher who appreciates and attends to our individual needs and circumstances without compromising high standards of practice and could conduct private sessions in the comfort of our home. After meeting Becky we were both put at ease and excited to start our yoga journey together. She is a highly skilled, perceptive and patient teacher, a very personable and fun person with a wonderful sense of humour! I would highly recommend Becky for all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to ones life and beyond.

Tina & Jerry

I started practicing with Becky 2 months after I had my second child. I had been practicing for about 10 years prior, however in the year that we worked together, I advanced so much more than I ever anticipated. Her patience and understanding for my post-partum body helped me feel confident and comfortable with myself which is why I was able to persevere and truly enjoy my practice. No matter what happened in my day, I always felt a sense of peace and relaxation after my session with her. Her calmness and pure energy is contagious. You can't help but feel serene when you're around her. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is truly fortunate! She is one in a million. Love love love her!

Elaina Lenore

Emilie is THE BEST I have been searching for the right teacher since the group I had been in for 10 years disbanded. Emilie has it All. She is extremely knowledgeable, careful and quickly learns each students' body's strengths and weaknesses. She demonstrates and explains the moves and makes adjustments to each student as needed. Emilie also shows alternate ways of performing a movement or adapts a movement She is very warm and welcoming and takes time after class to answer questions, concerns. She also works with a physical therapist and seems to be constantly studying the body and new ideas, movements. She truly is the BEST! 


5 stars! An exceptional teacher! I had never done Pilates before working with Emilie though I had done some yoga. When I started working with her, I had a shoulder injuring that I was recovering from. Her private and group classes (private pilates, pilates mat classes and therapeutic yoga) have all been fantastic. The work we do is interesting, challenging, and very carefully taught. I have never before worked with a teacher who is as knowledgeable about the body and as able to describe exactly what part of the body is affected (or challenged) by which stretch or movement. She has been an inspiration to me.

Alice F


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One-on-one, couples or semi-private groups can benefit from hour-long sessions tailored to specific needs.


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Experience the energy of a Pilates mat or Yoga class or a Pilates session on specialised equiment.


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The Mindful Body can help your employees live better in their bodies.


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Specially designed 2-3 hr sessions on specific topics. Find out how to host your training through TMB.


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