Care for your Core 4-part series: Lower back Love (part 2)

This is one of my favourite things to do with the Yoga Tune Up Coregeous ball. It provides a wonderful stretch to the lower back and a sensation of lightness and ease in a region of the body that is often overburdened and blamed for more that it is responsible for. And, if like me you’ve had surgery on your spine, the sequence will restore suppleness to the tissues around the scar area. Love your back and it will love you back!

Roll Model move: Scalene selfcare

Give your scalenes a well-deserved break from its trials and tribulations, aka, holding your head up, allowing you to move your neck around, taking on the load of your handbags, groceries, kids, devices, and carrying your stress…

This simple move requires 2 blocks, or books, or anything that will bring you far enough away from the wall so you have room to roll! Enjoy!

Care for your Core 4-part series: C-section release (part 1)

Have you had surgery on your spine and/or a C-section (or 2?) – Welcome to the club! And even if you haven’t, this video can really help you offload your lower back, without actually doing anything to your lower back? Why? Because everything is connected, and that your anterior abdominal wall mirrors your back, so you can definitely affect some change by talking to the front of your body!

Roll Model move: Unshrug your shoulders!

Got tension in your shoulders and neck? This sequence is for you! Unwind tension from everyday posture and too much sitting at a desk, in the car and at home. Cyclists! This is a much kneaded move to release tension from hours spent on the saddle!

If staying with your hips up in the air feels like to much, you can put a book or small overball underneath your sacrum (triangular bone at the bottom of your lower back) for support. As always, remember to breathe, it will go a long way to helping you relax in this sequence. Enjoy!

Roll Model move: Glorious glutes!

Release tension in your lower back and glutes via self-massage. Great for anyone who sits a lot, experiences sciatic pain or has tension from running, cycling, gym work, etc. Also great prep post workout that involves glute engagement.

Roll Model move: upper back tension tamer!

Neck, shoulder and back pain? This is the sequence for you! Unzip your upper back and find relief from too much sitting and living life in front of us! Remember to breathe, making your exhale longer than your inhale, for an even more relaxing experience. Enjoy!

Roll Model move: Shoulder tune down!

Give your shoulders a new lease on life (and on your spine and neck :-)! This easy to follow rolling sequence addresses the rotator cuff muscles, small but essential stabilisers of your shoulder corset.

Yoga Tune Up for the Rectus Femoris – with Emilie Mikulla

Quell quad tension with this Roll Model move that’s perfect for cyclists and runners post-workout.

Recovery for cyclists

Strengthen, stretch and mobilise the hips with this sequence that will give you more power on the bike and keep injuries at bay!

Recovery for cyclists (part deux!)

Undo the effects of too much spinal flexion on the bike! Use therapy balls or a foam roller to create as much commotion in your tissues as possible and restore the health of your muscles and associated fascias. Use blocks, or books, or blanket, adjusted to your level of comfort to mobilise the thoracic spine and open the chest.

Put your shoulders back on your shoulders!

Plankers, desk jockeys, cyclists, mamas, this one’s for you! This sequence will open up the front of your body and will allow you to breathe better, giving you a clearer sense of where your shoulders are located.