• Watsu – taking relaxation off the mat into the water

    Are you interested in trying something different? With Watsu, you’re practicing letting go mentally and physically by putting relaxation into someone else’s hands (literally!).

  • Work out virtually to beat the summer heat

    Too hot to ride outside, but don’t want to slack off on your training routine? Take your workout indoors! For those  who are creatures of the outdoors this may sound like a punishment…

  • Wall work: challenge and support yourself

    Wall work is all you need to jazz up your movement routine. Not only is it great for supporting the body in rest, the wall can also be a fun place to explore and challenge yourself in more active poses.

  • Travel tools for a healthy holiday

    It’s travel time! Finally, it’s that time of the year: your bags are packed, your boarding pass in hand, you are off! This week we are sharing our favorite tips to travel well, so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest, without having to...

  • Tour de France Week: Recovery for cyclists

    With the Tour de France well underway we’re dedicating this week to all of the cyclists out there! From improving cardiovascular health and muscle strength to reducing stress and encouraging weight loss, the benefits of this low impact exercise are clear. 

  • Feet have feelings too!

    Our feet and ankles need to both be flexible and stable so they can adapt to the various surfaces and forces they encounter every day. Imagine that when the weight of your body lands on the ground that same weight hits you back! Stability and mobility...

  • Happy quads, healthy knees

    Leg tension can wreak havoc not only on your hips and knees, but also your lower back. Follow this simple sequence to improve strength, flexibility and the overall health of your knees and surrounding real estate.  

  • It’s A Pain in The Core! Life After Spinal Surgery

    The first time I lied down on a Coregeous ball was nine months ago at the Hips Immersion. I hated it. This purple ball of fire made sick, it made me cry and it pissed me off. In fact, throughout the day, these visceral sensations...

  • It’s your neck, it’s your knee, it’s your lower back! No, it’s your sacro-iliac joint!

    Sometimes you feel invincible. Despite having had two surgeries on my spine, my body felt so great at the time, I decided to take a kickboxing class. Turns out that wasn’t such a great idea (and that I’m not invincible after all).  After a few...

  • Ignoring your calves could land you in hot water!

    The wonderfully frustrating thing about running is that it reveals your body’s weaknesses quickly, due to the repetitive stress it places on the body. Any issues with form are compounded and rear their heads as injuries fast! I recently spent a couple of days at...